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Rental of Conditions

Terms of lease in COSMOS -CAR .

The driver:

For rent in COSMOS -CAR

the designated driver to the contract must be over 21 years old. It must also be held for at least two years, a driving license valid . This must be supported by original documents.

If a second driver is requested, the / it must be present ( e) at the time of departure and submit the original driver’s license and an identity card or passport .

Only drivers identified on the rental agreement are authorized to drive the rented vehicle.

Term of the lease :

The rental period is calculated per 24 hours not split , since the time of provision of the vehicle.

The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the lessor at the date specified in the lease, if you want to keep it beyond that date it is your responsibility to request an extension to the landlord.


Regulation of the rental cost can be in cash .

Our rates include unlimited mileage , lubricants and vehicle maintenance .

Our prices are quoted in Euros or Dirhams .

Delivery / Recovery:

leaves you the choice of where you want to take or return the vehicle ( Airport , Hotels, … etc. . ) .

The driver is responsible for the crimes and violations of traffic .


The vehicles are all insured risks . However, for any damage other than theft , fire , glass breakage , liability and persons transported, a non -waivable ceiling remains the responsibility of the driver in the case or its partial or full responsibility would be engaged. For any accident, a report is required.