• GSM : +212 6 61 34 27 07
  • Email: cosmoscarstiznit@gmail.com
  • Tel: +212 5 28 86 43 06

Terms of use

he agency COSMOSCARS specializes in car hire for long or short periods.
It is located in the town of Tiznit 80 kms center of Agadir, southern Morocco, heart Boulevard Hassan II, 800 m from the large roundabout.
“Our goal is to fully meet and satisfy your demands by offering quality services based on our company and its serious competitive spirit.
Sensitive to the demands of our partners, our challenge is mainly to meet their expectations and requirements so they spend pleasant moments not only here but also in TIZNIT throughout the UK.
Our service also allows you to book your vehicle online. Our agents are at your disposal to answer in transparency and clarity to the questions you asked.