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Tiznit is a privileged place in the beautiful region of Souss , there exudes serenity and joy of living .

Between argan , olive and palm trees, Tiznit region presents itself as the place of rendezvous of the sea and the desert, the meeting of the plain and mountain .

Has retained its authenticity Berber , Tiznit suggests another facet of Morocco , a country in the plural face, its rich regional diversity and its millenary heritage.

City of Tiznit , capital of the province takes its name from that of a holy woman named ” Lalla Zninia ” which, according to legend , is back from North and stopped exhausted in place then desert . She lamented his past conduct with all sincerity and showed such a repentance that God , for him show his forgiveness , brought forth at his feet a source. This resurgence was named ” Ain El Kdim ” by the inhabitants of the town took the name of the legendary woman ” Lalla Zninia ” .

The foundation of the city of Tiznit was in 1882 after the military expedition of Sultan Moulay Hassan I in the Souss region . The need to create this city was dictated by the desire to plant a military post to control the hinterland, particularly the marabout power Tazerwalt ( Iligh ) and the same deal with any European penetration from the Atlantic .

Penchez vous sur l’agence de Comos Car location de voiture à Agadir, et choisissez un véhicule convenable puis prenez la route vers la ville de Tiznit pour découvrir le mode artisanal de la ville. Il s’agit d’une ville historique calme et rassemblée de folklore amazighe distingué à la région et au Maroc.